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  • Oops

    Yipes! I haven’t blogged for nine days. Well, I told you I was going to start slacking once I got back to the US. I haven’t even covered all the stuff from Austria that I wanted to…don’t know if I ever will. Oh well! Actually, this was going to be a real post. Then I… Continue reading

  • Process of Deduction

    I realized today, after going through shops (one amazing accessories store may have stolen my heart, even though I didn’t get anything) and a riverside of market stalls, that although I adore jewelry of all sorts, I can hardly, from a utilitarian standpoint, wear any of it. I don’t wear rings because of piano; my… Continue reading

  • Obviously I have too much time on my hands…

    …or rather, I decide that responding to scammers is more productive than practicing, working on my website, working on the website I’ve been hired to design, or preparing for lessons and interviews. Hmm. Anyway, I responded to “Denise” who claimed to want my iPod Touch for her “colleague” supposedly interning at an Ontario law firm.… Continue reading