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  • The Autograph Scam

    Update June 2017 (really?): I’m just going to ruin the punchline for you here: this post ends with the conclusion that random unspecific autograph requests are not a scam. I keep getting angry messages from autograph collectors telling me off for calling them scammers. (Also a lot of you seem to be angry at me for… Continue reading

  • Scammer Update

    So remember when I got a Facebook message from a scammer claiming to want to buy my iPod Touch? And I messaged “her” back with a made-up story? (I also looked up this type of scam online…apparently the scammer transfers the money to your PayPal, you mail your item out, because it’s an international exchange… Continue reading

  • Obviously I have too much time on my hands…

    …or rather, I decide that responding to scammers is more productive than practicing, working on my website, working on the website I’ve been hired to design, or preparing for lessons and interviews. Hmm. Anyway, I responded to “Denise” who claimed to want my iPod Touch for her “colleague” supposedly interning at an Ontario law firm.… Continue reading