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Obviously I have too much time on my hands…

…or rather, I decide that responding to scammers is more productive than practicing, working on my website, working on the website I’ve been hired to design, or preparing for lessons and interviews. Hmm.

Anyway, I responded to “Denise” who claimed to want my iPod Touch for her “colleague” supposedly interning at an Ontario law firm. I’m really curious to see if they do when you scam them right back. (Like, is she going to insist that I just give her my PayPal account already? How many times can I respond before the scammer behind this goes “THIS ISN’T WORTH IT I GIVE UP ALREADY”?)

Hi Denise,
You’re in luck! My brother Gerald just graduated from USC with a major in pre-law and he is currently visiting law firms in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. In less than two weeks he will be shadowing at several law firms in Ontario.

I told him about this and he said he will be more than happy to bring the iPod straight to your colleague. There is a very high chance he will run into him and even if he doesn’t it will be very easy to meet up. This means that I won’t ask you to pay any shipping charges, just the flat price of $200.

My brother will be staying with a friend at the University of Toronto for one week and then at the Square Philips Hotel in Montreal. It will be easy for your colleague to meet him there, and there may even be a chance that your colleague might actually be at one of the firms my brother is visiting.

I’m sure this plan will work out perfectly for both of us! Let me know what law firm your colleague is at so I can let my brother know, (also his/her name so Gerald knows who to contact) and if you’re okay with all this I’ll set up a PayPal account and have you transfer the money to me!

Let me know as soon as possible, my brother leaves on the 27th. He is currently wrapping up an internship examining fraud cases with Aldrin, Mosby and Scherbatsky. (You might have heard of them, they were on TV recently!)


No, I don’t have a brother Gerald, I don’t know if there is a University of Toronto (I assume there is) and I really hope whoever is behind this is not a fan of How I Met Your Mother.

2 responses to “Obviously I have too much time on my hands…”

  1. Watch him/her start referencing Big Bang Theory.

  2. And then we’re going to start singing songs from Dr. Horrible together. This is the way to bring about world peace, guys!

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