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Scammer Update

So remember when I got a Facebook message from a scammer claiming to want to buy my iPod Touch? And I messaged “her” back with a made-up story?

(I also looked up this type of scam online…apparently the scammer transfers the money to your PayPal, you mail your item out, because it’s an international exchange PayPal asks the scammer if they authorize the payment, they say no, they get their money back, you lose your item, and it’s hard to get them back because it’s international.)
Well, here’s the rest of the exchange:
Denise (June 15):
Cool.. whats ur paypal email address so i can send money
Me (June 15):
What law firm does your colleague work at? I need to make sure Gerald can get the iPod to him so we can make sure shipping isn’t an issue.
Seven days later…
Me (June 22):
Hi Denise,
My brother is leaving for Canada in five days and keeps asking me what law firm your colleague works at. Please let me know ASAP so I can arrange for him to get it, and I can collect the money from you.
Denise (June 22):

i told u i already purchased one

Really? Is that all? You’re going to tell me that you already got one, claim that you told me, and then never speak to me again? I’m hurt!

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  1. Geez sharon, pay attention! She already scammed someone.

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