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Process of Deduction

I realized today, after going through shops (one amazing accessories store may have stolen my heart, even though I didn’t get anything) and a riverside of market stalls, that although I adore jewelry of all sorts, I can hardly, from a utilitarian standpoint, wear any of it.
I don’t wear rings because of piano; my exception is my sapphire claddagh ring, which I take off every time I play. I’ve forgotten it many times on the piano, though luckily have never lost it!
I don’t wear bracelets, also because of piano.
I don’t wear earrings because I don’t have pierced ears. I have a pretty admirable collection of clip-ons, including some really nice clip-on hoops, but I almost never wear them.
The only thing left, really, is necklaces. And even then I can’t wear big statement necklaces all the time because I play violin.
So even though I love pretty accessories of all sorts, I pretty much never wear jewelry other than my ring and my Tiffany key. I envy girls who sport big cuffs, oversized rings, and huge statement necklaces (I secretly love huge statement jewelry!), but unless I want to remove all my accessories before I play any instrument, I will continue living a blingless life.

I did, however, buy this necklace today. I couldn’t help myself, it made me feel like Cleopatra.

(I realize now that this post has absolutely no point whatsoever. Oh well.)

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