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On Plans

As part of our study abroad program, we have a four-day travel weekend to go anywhere we want—France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc. My plans for this weekend kept changing; first I was going to go to Paris, then London, then Paris again, and somewhere along the way Amsterdam and Barcelona were in the mix.
In the end I decided to spend my last weekend in Salzburg. There are still so many things I want to do in this beautiful city before I leave, and I want to enjoy it while I can. Besides, four days aren’t enough for me to go the places I want to go; I can always come back (provided I have the money, which granted isn’t a given with grad school on the horizon) and when I do, I want to come with my best friends.
I think I made the right decision; I felt mellow and prematurely nostalgic on my walk back from my piano lesson today and I’m glad I have my weekend to do all the things I wanted to do—like get kebab, go to the market, visit Ikea, try the world-famous Sachertorte, available only in Vienna and Salzburg, do some damage to my credit card at the music and stationery stores, etc.

Anyway. Plans change, and the best thing to do is to enjoy life no matter what! Now that my to-do list for the evening is complete, it’s time for me to go to sleep.

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