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  • In which I supposedly bought $500 of candy

    On the airplane I was given a customs declaration form to fill out and present to officials when I landed in San Francisco. When I got to the bottom and it asked me the total value of the items I was bringing back, I blanked. I hadn’t bothered to itemize the things I’d bought to… Continue reading

  • Back in America

    Well, I’m back in the US—my time in Austria now feels unreal, as if I merely had a very long, vivid dream. I still plan on doing a few blog posts with photos I haven’t uploaded yet, but who knows? I can already tell I’m going to start slacking on blogging again. In the meantime,… Continue reading

  • Goodbye, Salzburg

    Goodbyes are so very difficult. After six wonderful weeks here in Austria I must once again brave the Munich airport (I am hoping against hope that they’ll be lenient on my overweight luggage and carry-on!) to go back to the US. I’ve had to say goodbye to the wonderful friends I’ve made here, to all… Continue reading