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Goodbye, Salzburg

Goodbyes are so very difficult. After six wonderful weeks here in Austria I must once again brave the Munich airport (I am hoping against hope that they’ll be lenient on my overweight luggage and carry-on!) to go back to the US.
I’ve had to say goodbye to the wonderful friends I’ve made here, to all the people who helped make my experience so wonderful. In a short while I have to say goodbye to Salzburg—its wide open sky, its fortress and church domes, the beautiful Salzach, its markets and bus stops. I will have to say goodbye to my host mother, who has been so good to me.
I will miss everything; the greenery, the mountains, the tiny dumpsters, the city. I will miss the lovely walk to my piano lesson. I will miss the endless stairs in my school built into the mountain. I will, of course, miss all the food.
So it’s with a slightly aching heart I have to tell myself it’s time to say “Auf wiedersehen” to Salzburg. But then I realize that “Auf wiedersehen” means “Until we see again,” and I will see Salzburg again at some point in my life.
Therefore this isn’t a permanent goodbye; Salzburg and I are merely parting ways for the present.
Auf wiedersehen!

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