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Studying Abroad

  • On Plans

    As part of our study abroad program, we have a four-day travel weekend to go anywhere we want—France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc. My plans for this weekend kept changing; first I was going to go to Paris, then London, then Paris again, and somewhere along the way Amsterdam and Barcelona were in the mix.… Continue reading

  • Upper Austria Part 4

    The last stop on our whirlwind Upper Austria trip was Hallstadt (we went through Bad Ischl) on the way. The town is known, amongst other things, for salt. I bought all of three containers of special Austrian salt there. The main attraction that we were shown was the “bone house” next to a church there—it… Continue reading

  • Upper Austria Part 3

    Although Mauthausen left us thoroughly shaken, we were smacked in the face by beauty and splendor very soon at Saint Florian’s Priory. The priory features a stunning library that is so reminiscent of the library from “Beauty and the Beast” that I couldn’t help but wonder if this was its inspiration. None of the photos… Continue reading