Why painting my nails is an exercise in futility

Before practicing piano, my nails were flawlessly painted (with “Skinny Jeans” by Sephora by OPI, if anyone was curious) and topped with a resilient top coat.
This is what they looked like after a good dose of Prokofiev.
Sigh! I love putting different pretty colors on my nails but there’s really no point painting them because they get such a pounding. They just look horrid after I practice and I end up picking little flakes of nail polish out of the keys.
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Things that give me an incredible high

1. Pouring all my emotion into playing piano, be in in the practice rooms or in front of a captivated audience.
2. Being completely inspired and creating a work of art or a design that is as good or better than the vision in my head.
3. Successfully fixing code after hours of frustration.

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