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(I don’t really know what else to title this post.)

Yeah, I keep falling off the blogging wagon. One of these days I’ll post stuff from my camera and hopefully make substantial posts about my life, but for now, here’s a little list of stuff off the top of my head.

1. I’m home for break (and I don’t have any definite plans, so definitely call/text me!) and done with finals!
P.S. Dear people on Facebook, I understand that you are very excited about passing your classes, but it’s really unprofessional and annoying to see my newsfeed filled with “Yay! Got a B in this and a C+ in that an an A- in that…” or “Whoohoo! My GPA is 3.6!” Keep it to yourselves and tell your closest friends, thanks.
2. I recently designed an icon for a application my friend Ben wrote; you can see the icon and a description of the app here.
3. Recently my best friend Alix introduced me to Youtube fainting videos, and I spent a few minutes before bed watching people faint on TV. This was the result:

Me: remember when you showed me all those fainting videos

Alix: hahah, yes

Me: i ended up dreaming

that i was making my orchestral debut as a concert pianist

and as soon as i got to the first hard part in prokofiev’s third concerto

i fainted

and became a youtube sensation

Okay, that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll start putting more effort into my posts…maybe.

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