New Layout!

I was getting rather tired of using a template for my blog, so I threw together a new layout featuring my third-favorite color, aqua blue! (My second-favorite is gray and the first is red. Technically my third-favorite color is Tiffany blue, but that’s copyrighted.) Aqua blue is also a close relative of turquoise, which Pantone has declared the color of 2010, so I’m just being trendy too.

It’s absurdly simplistic, but I’m just getting to know the ropes as far as Blogger formatting works. Hopefully I’ll get familiar enough with Blogger to come up with a really nice, poppy design someday. For now, this will do. Besides, it feels good to change something up in time for the new year!

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Photos from Home for the Holla Days!

Sadly I didn’t get to make the event myself, but Bay Area photographer Junshien Lau did!

From all accounts, the concert was a blast! There are many other stunning photos, in all their glory, at Junshien’s site, so go and have a look-see! It makes me sadder that I couldn’t make the concert, but I am so glad I got to be a part of this!

I also poked around on his site a bit and he takes the most amazing photos! I spent a few hours looking at his portfolio and just soaking in the pretty. I love beautiful photography and I really do wish I could do more with a camera than arbitrarily changing the exposure, snapping at random, and hoping for the best.

P.S. Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy your break (I know I’m definitely enjoying not having homework!), stay safe, and treasure your loved ones!

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Autocomplete Me

I forget exactly how I found Autocomplete Me, but it showcases, via Google’s autocomplete search suggestions, some strange keywords and terms that apparently are actually Googled quite often. Already some of the entries have made me laugh uncontrollably out loud, and I have, on occasion, entered the search query myself to see if these are real. (Some are, some aren’t.)

Plus, the accompanying captions are hilarious.

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