The story of Baroque Obama

Last semester, I was studying for a big music history midterm, which focused mainly on the Baroque era. As my roommate and I quizzed each other late into the night, my tired tongue slipped and I asked a question about the “Barack Period” instead of the “Baroque Period.” We laughed at that, and then I said “Ha ha, BAROQUE OBAMA!”

Of course we laughed hysterically, and to top things off I spent a good two minutes Photoshopping Barack Obama’s face onto that really famous portrait of J.S. Bach, and posted it on Facebook to great acclaim. (From there it moved on to Ben’s blog.)

Of course, I decided that it was imperative I show this to my music history professor, so I printed out Baroque Obama. The next day, as we trooped into class ready for the midterm, I went up to Dr. W and said “Look Dr. W, I made you Baroque Obama!”

Now, Dr. W is a fairly serious woman. But when I handed her the printout, she burst out laughing harder than I have ever heard her laugh. People’s heads whipped around, surprised, and the guy sitting next to me turned to me and said, “I have never, ever seen her laugh like that. I applaud you.” And he did.

And that is how Baroque Obama came about.

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iPhone Wallpaper

For Christmas I got an iPod Touch that I have named Franz (for Liszt and Schubert). I immediately made myself some wallpaper for Franz and, seeing as 90% of the people who I know read my blog have iPhones, I decided to share my wallpaper with you!

All my iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper is made from my art or photos I have taken. All have my website’s URL in the corner just so my work doesn’t float around uncredited. If you want to download all the images, I put them in a handy little zip file. And if you like the artwork here, remember that the full uncropped versions are on my website.

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Origami Roses

So one of my sister’s friends had a birthday, and my sister decided that instead of giving her a typical birthday present, she’d make her an origami bouquet. Of course, my mom and I jumped on board to help. A word to the wise: if you try anything like this, keep it simple or start way ahead of time. Even with three artistic nimble-fingered people working efficiently, we still found ourselves bleary-eyed at one thirty in the morning poking holes in tiny blossoms and floral-taping them to wire.

(Dear Blogger, I do not know why you decided to spontaneously rotate half of my photos. Never mind, I’ve just gotten back from performing at a concert and I am too tired to deal with you.)

1.5″x1.5″ green squares to make into leaves.

Little yellow blossoms. Each petal is smaller than my fingertip. (And I have small fingers!)

Individual leaves.

Roses! Made out of gorgeous textured rice paper. Funnily enough there are actually roses this exact color. We have a purple rosebush in the garden, and my boyfriend bought me a purple rose once.

The yellow blossoms. They’re made out of a lovely marbly-yellow translucent vellum.

A close-up of one rose. Seriously, Blogger, what is up with you randomly rotating my photos.

A completed rose!

This looks suspiciously like a wedding bouquet…oh well, if wedding bouquets were made with origami flowers, then I’d actually want to catch one.

A lot of work for a bouquet that doesn’t die on you!

P.S. I actually did try re-uploading the photos…Blogger just hates me.

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