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I want to take Mozart home with me

As I said before, Mozartkugeln is a really big thing over here. To be honest I still can’t tell if it’s a tourist thing or if it’s a genuine Salzburg thing. I suspect it’s the former, since the hugest displays are in the more tourist-centric areas, but Wikipedia won’t tell me anything.
In any case, there are cardboard cut-outs of Mozart-holding-a-Mozartkugel EVERYWHERE. You cannot walk anywhere without seeing life-sized candy-schilling Mozart standing on the sidewalk, enticing you to go into a shop where the display is purely boxes and boxes of Mozartkugeln.
It’s so endearing to me, in an odd way—this army of Mozarts telling you to buy chocolate with his face on it—that I really just want to grab a Mozart cut-out one day and take it with me. I want a candy-advertising Mozart for my very own, maybe to stand next to my piano.
Here’s a picture I snapped of one Mozart I ran into while I was busy getting supremely lost for the umpteenth time around the Mozartplatz.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I would get in trouble were I to pick up a Mozart one day and walk down the street with him, and I think I would have a very hard time explaining to airport security why I had to bring a lifesized cardboard Mozart back to America.

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