In which I direct your attention to a new project of mine

Am I the worst at blogging? I am the worst at blogging. We are now more than halfway through May and the last time I wrote a post was in March.

I’m not sure how this happened, given that I come up with ideas and content for new blog posts all the time—I just never get around to it—and here I am, finally updating, when I am tired and my eyes are tired and I have no idea how I got here without messing up along the way.

So, although I don’t feel like I’m in any shape to present anything, may I present to you my latest project!


That’s right, Bryce and I thought we’d try our hand at joint travel-blogging, what with all the getaways we’ve already had and the trips we’re going to have in the future. And we’ve both decided to make an effort to keep it up (meaning, no long hiatuses à la Doodlyroses).

You can find recaps of our trips and handy lists of tips, suggestions, and ideas for your own travels at, and follow us on Twitter as well.

I’m not abandoning this blog by any means, so keep following me here and I promise I’ll make more than a slightly halfhearted attempt to keep updating.

Also, I’m cleaning out my closet and I’m in the process of adding things to my blog sale. Stay tuned!

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