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Updated December 2015!

How this works:

1. Below there will be photos of the things I’m selling, with descriptions and prices and such.
2. If you’re interested in any of this stuff, leave a comment below or email me at sharon (at) doodlyroses.com.
3. Shipping is based on the weight of the stuff you get. Once you tell me what you want, I’ll weigh it and charge you the lowest shipping price I can get.
4. Pay me in whatever way works for you (Paypal, snail-mailing a check or cash, whatever) and once I get payment from you I’ll pack up your stuff and send it off to you.
5. I will send you your stuff in a totally cute package with notes and styling tips on cute Asian stationery. You can’t say no to that.
6. Everything comes with FREE SAMPLES!

Just let me know if you prefer fragrance, skincare, or makeup samples, and I’ll include them in your package!




$4: Floral print pleated top, size small. Can be worn on or off the shoulder, and looks great with jeans or tucked into a skirt.


$3: Ruffled pink top, size small. Works with jeans/skirts or under blazers or one of those pinafore jumper things.

GONE $6: Ahh, we’ve had a good run, this chiffon ruffled top and I. Size small, though it’s not form-fitting so you could probably wear it if you were a medium and be fine. It’s basically a giant button-up ruffle pretending to be a shirt. I have a feeling it’d be great in a Halloween costume, if you wanted to be a Victorian ghost or something.

GONE $4: An off-the-shoulder top with chain straps, size small. The bits of fabric on the side are off-the-shoulder sleeves. Features illegible silver French writing and drapes very flatteringly. Also, this is the top I wore when I met Bryce, so maybe it comes with good romance vibes, though I don’t guarantee anything.

SOLD  $2: Fawn-colored tunic, with pockets! Size medium. Sorry the picture is all wrinkly. It’s got black lace inserts on the shoulders, and looks really good with skinny jeans, a nice belt, and boots.

GONE $5: White button-down tunic/top, size small. It’s got nice ruffly bell sleeves, and is ruched around the waist so it’s nice and fitted. Works as a top on its own or over another top or tucked into a skirt, and I once used it for an angel costume for Halloween.


$10: Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters) gray plaid blazer, size petite small. This thing is ridiculously cute and I bought it after seeing it all over the fashion blogs, only I bought the petite version and…I’m not petite. The 3/4-length sleeves can be cuffed/rolled and the waist is fitted with pleats at the back.


GONE $8: Knit/insulated vest with detachable faux-fur hood, size small. Awesome for layering under jackets for those freak windy-rainy days when you need a little extra warmth and a big hood.


$5: Tweed/herringbone skirt with removable belt. It’s a children’s extra-large, so about a normal-adult small. I think I’ve worn this like, twice, which is a shame cause I’m looking at it now and it’s totally cute. I feel like this actually would be great in a Halloween costume too.

$4: Pink prairie-style skirt with sequin-lace trim. Will fit if you’re a size small or medium. It’s super comfy.

GONE $5: plaid miniskirt. Size small, but it’s way too big on me cause I’ve got tiny hips, and I’ve always had to safety-pin the hell out of it to fit. So it’s probably best if you’re a larger small or a medium. It’s super soft and has two decorative buttons in the front.

GONE $10: Dress pants, size small. Sorry for the totally wonky picture. These are either casual dress pants or dressy casual pants, I can never tell. They’re cut like dress pants but are made of what looks like black denim so if you ever want to look polished but not overdone, these pants are your friend. Getting rid of them because, hello, tiny hips.


handkerchief dress
$3: Dark red handkerchief-print dress, size small. This dress has adjustable tie straps and is lined, and the panel under the bust is fitted. Cute, comfy, and a good transition piece for summer and fall.


$5: Small black purse with bow detail. For some reason I never use this, and it’s pretty much brand-new.


Perfume/Body Sprays

SOLD $24: 3.4 oz original Vera Wang Princess. Original box included. I’ve tried valiantly to like this perfume but it just doesn’t work on me, though I know loads of people love it. I figure with a full 3.4 oz bottle at $72, $24 for a mostly-full bottle is a great deal.

$12: Escada Moon Sparkle, 3.3 oz, discontinued. Original box included. A great sweet, grapefruity perfume that will pretty much work on anyone, but I’m pickier about my perfumes now.

SOLD $2: Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon body splash, full-size.

$3: Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom body splash, full-size, discontinued. Sprayed once, never used.

$3: Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom full-size body splash, discontinued I think? Sprayed once, never used.

SOLD $3: Bath and Body Works Pearberry body splash, full-sized. Again, never used.

SOLD $3: Bath and Body Works Plumeria body splash, full-sized, never used.

SOLD $4: Victoria’s Secret PINK body mist in “Soft and Pure.” PENDING Completely full.

SOLD  $4: Victoria’s Secret PINK body mist in “Fruity and Bright.” PENDING Also completely full.


$2: NYX blush in Terracotta, lightly used. I never use this, but it’s a nice summery bronze-ish blush.

$3: Stila “Haute in the Hamptons” palette with eyeshadow and blush. This is a stock picture—the one I have is very lightly used, and the blue is kind of scratched up, but the whole thing’s pretty new and I don’t ever use it. Yours for three bucks.

19 responses to “Blog Sale”

  1. I would love to have all the Pearberry spray you have and the cucumber mellon. Please let me know how much shipping is

    1. Hi Donna, I’ve just sent you an email!

  2. Hey, I know this was posted a while ago, but are you still selling this things not marked as sold?

    1. Yes, everything not marked as sold is still for sale. Which items are you interested in?

  3. I’d really like the Plumeria body splash!

    1. Sweet, the Plumeria body splash is available. Send me an email at sharon [at] doodlyroses [dot] com with your address so I can calculate shipping!

  4. Hey, I’m actually having problems with my credit card right now so I won’t be able to purchase anything at the moment. When everything gets sorted out I’ll probably buy everything hahaha.

    1. That’s fine! Good luck sorting out your credit card stuff.

  5. I really want plumeria body spray!!

  6. How many do you have available??

    1. Hi Charnetsy,

      I have one bottle of plumeria body spray available.

  7. i hope im not to late, but could you tell me how much the japanese cherry blossom spray would be after shipping prices?

    1. Hi Zhaia,

      If you email me your shipping address, I can calculate the price and let you know how much it would be! (email: sharon [at] doodlyroses.com)

  8. Please email me if you have the plumeira spay in stock…Thank know you

  9. Do you still have the cherry blossom body splash?

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, I do! Shoot me an email with your address and I’ll let you know how much it would cost to ship.

  10. Hello, do u still have any of the pearberry body spray? If not will u be getting anymore? If u can please let me knw and email me I’d appreciate it, thank you

    1. Hi Phylicia,

      Sorry, all out of the Pearberry!

  11. Do you still have the moon sparkle? I’d like to purchase. Ty

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