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Upper Austria Part 1

The Saturday before last, all fifty-something of us in the study abroad program piled into a tour bus and off we went to Upper Austria. It was such a packed day that everyone was practically dead by the time we got back to Salzburg.
One of the first places we went was Lake Attersee in the Salzkammergut. This particular lake is next to the Höllengebirge (Mountains of Hell) and Schafberg (Sheep Mountain).
All of the lakes I’ve seen in Austria so far are wonderfully beautiful. The Attersee was no exception. The water is also supposedly safe for drinking, provided you don’t dip from the same place the ducks are living.

Gustav Mahler loved the Attersee so much that he had a little cottage built on the shore so he could compose in peace. This cottage was literally a few seconds’ away from the water.

This was probably Mahler’s piano. I didn’t actually find out.
(That’s my Salzburg roommate standing in the shade of the cottage. She didn’t know I was taking a photo!)

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