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Hungry? Food post from Salzburg

I’ve been snapping photos nonstop since I got here (my official count is 866 photos so far, eek!) and one of the things I’m documenting without fail is, of course, the food I’m eating.
Here are a few looks at some of my meals so far. I’m attempting to be a Real Blogger and color-correcting my food photos now!

Tortellini with ham in cheese sauce.

Salami and pickles on a roll at Cafe Tomaselli, the cafe Mozart used to frequent.
Pasta and cheese (and the sauce too, I think) from Italy, made by my host mom.
Fish and potatoes.

Fish and vegetables cooked in ginger, made by my host mom.

A dessert platter at a cafe.
A slice of cake from Cafe Tomaselli.
Turkey sausage and potatoes with curry ketchup (!!!!!!!) made by my host mom. Side note, she includes a salad with every meal. The lettuce-lover in me is so happy. Also, curry ketchup is so much better than regular ketchup. Apparently it’s a German thing.
Apple strudel!
I’ve got a lot more food photos but cropping and color-correcting can definitely slow a girl down. This should be enough to leave you hungry for now.

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