iPhone Wallpaper

For Christmas I got an iPod Touch that I have named Franz (for Liszt and Schubert). I immediately made myself some wallpaper for Franz and, seeing as 90% of the people who I know read my blog have iPhones, I decided to share my wallpaper with you!

All my iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper is made from my art or photos I have taken. All have my website’s URL in the corner just so my work doesn’t float around uncredited. If you want to download all the images, I put them in a handy little zip file. And if you like the artwork here, remember that the full uncropped versions are on my website.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Wallpaper

  1. yo sharon
    i like your style
    i think i want to talk art with you sometime
    plus some ?
    if possible, my aim is ajbgbarbs
    otherwise ill have fun looking at your website and leaving something every now and then đŸ™‚
    hope all is well, happy new year,
    ellice park

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