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Origami Roses

So one of my sister’s friends had a birthday, and my sister decided that instead of giving her a typical birthday present, she’d make her an origami bouquet. Of course, my mom and I jumped on board to help. A word to the wise: if you try anything like this, keep it simple or start way ahead of time. Even with three artistic nimble-fingered people working efficiently, we still found ourselves bleary-eyed at one thirty in the morning poking holes in tiny blossoms and floral-taping them to wire.

(Dear Blogger, I do not know why you decided to spontaneously rotate half of my photos. Never mind, I’ve just gotten back from performing at a concert and I am too tired to deal with you.)

1.5″x1.5″ green squares to make into leaves.

Little yellow blossoms. Each petal is smaller than my fingertip. (And I have small fingers!)

Individual leaves.

Roses! Made out of gorgeous textured rice paper. Funnily enough there are actually roses this exact color. We have a purple rosebush in the garden, and my boyfriend bought me a purple rose once.

The yellow blossoms. They’re made out of a lovely marbly-yellow translucent vellum.

A close-up of one rose. Seriously, Blogger, what is up with you randomly rotating my photos.

A completed rose!

This looks suspiciously like a wedding bouquet…oh well, if wedding bouquets were made with origami flowers, then I’d actually want to catch one.

A lot of work for a bouquet that doesn’t die on you!

P.S. I actually did try re-uploading the photos…Blogger just hates me.

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