I’m in the news! (Canadian news!)

So…hey guys! You know that time I totally talked a reporter’s ear off? Well somehow that turned into an article about Equality Within Reach!

I’m pretty psyched that site is getting more publicity (particularly cause I’m lazy and I want to spend my energy practicing, working on that album I said was totally going to come out this summer, and reading every article on Cracked). I’m also loving (and by loving, I mean my soul is 20% sad) the situational irony that the first time I’m appearing in any sort of news, it has to do with something not related to piano in any way.

But still! My project is being covered by Canadian media, and it’s so controversial that I can’t even bear to read the stupid comments! WHOOHOO!

(Seriously though, in fifty or a hundred or two hundred years our descendants* are going to look back on these years as being very un-egalitarian and that makes me ashamed! The prevalence of racism and homophobia, as well as the insidiousness of anti-woman ideas in our society, make me very sad indeed. It’s 2012, shouldn’t we be making rocket ships to take us to our intergalactic colonies, instead of squabbling over whether people should be respected?)

Ahem. Anyway, read the article; I suppose it’s some sort of life accomplishment? Do I get to level up now?

*That is, if global warming hasn’t wiped out the human race.

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Equality Within Reach; what I’ve been up to

It’s struck me that I never got around to blogging about one of the bigger projects I did. (To be fair, I have a veritable mental backlog of projects I want to blog about, except you all know I am terribly, incurably lazy.)

This past semester I launched a website devoted to issues of gender equality, sexual violence, media portrayal, etc. etc. as an outgrowth of a graphic design project. I called it “Equality Within Reach” and it’s a nice little resource summing up some of the issues and offering a boatload of websites, articles, blogs, and books to read. (Go check it out! I seriously spent a lot of time on it!)

Funnily enough, I spent so much time making sure the design of the website was good that some of the other elements were kind of an afterthought. Particularly, this:

I just needed to stock the “spread the word” section of the website with things people could share or print out. I didn’t really think people would use them. I threw this “short skirts don’t rape” thing together using an image from an animation that never saw the light of day and some default-sized fonts, flung it onto Tumblr, and went off to practice.

Well, my shoddy design’s gotten more mileage than I expected. It’s been shared more than 5000 times on Tumblr and several hundred people from all over the world have now visited the website. Apparently it made it to Facebook, because I got an email from a Huffington Post Canada reporter this morning and I just got off the phone with her. In addition to being embarrassed at my design (come on, I’ve designed much better things), I am embarrassed that I talked—a lot. I gave her ten million times the information she will ever need. I really need someone to follow me around and poke me with a cattle prod when I start blabbering.

So yeah, that’s one of the things I’ve been up to. In other news, I’m home, I’m practicing a bunch, I performed the Prokofiev concerto again this last Saturday, and in the course of cleaning my room, I’ve watched the Incredibles more than a dozen times. Don’t judge. Watching a Pixar movie over and over again is just what blazingly successful people do, okay?

In case you find my life not very interesting, you can always read about the adventures of my boyfriend (business student, CEO, and wine dude extraordinaire) in China.

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