Timelines are fun

I wonder what it says about me that I was going to blog this and totally forgot until my boyfriend, in a blog post about me, mentioned it. (I feel like this reflects the nature of our relationship. I do something, then forget about it, and Bryce has to remind me of things I’ve done. Last time I updated my resume I had to ask him what I’d accomplished in the past year.)

Anyhoo. I mentioned this in a blog post about gay marriage earlier, but marriage has been evolving since the dawn of time. I wouldn’t really care otherwise, but thanks to current debates erupting in the media and all over the internet, people are really into the history of marriage and the purpose it serves. (“It has always been X!” “No, it hasn’t! It’s about Y!”) Out of curiosity I started researching the topic, because I am a history dork. (And if you don’t believe me, I have a history award to prove it!)

And because this is me we’re talking about, I started taking notes and envisioning this beautiful infographic that would illustrate what I was learning. Several really late nights—powered by kettle corn and tea—and I had an extremely long infographic to show for my unnecessary summer research.

Click on it! Do it for glory!

I always have a sneaking suspicion that someone somewhere, every time I get into any sort of non-artistic issue, is sighing exasperatedly and going “Sharon, won’t you shut up about equality and whatever already and go play piano?” This person is probably a figment of my imagination.

But I feel obligated to explain that this wasn’t so much to prove any sort of point so much as it was to show the extremely fascinating history of Western marriage. Honestly, you could use the information here to argue your case whichever side of the gay marriage debate you want to take. You could also use it to prove a point on the issue of gender equality. If you really wanted to, you could probably use it to prove that we are controlled by aliens. I don’t know. Just remember, kids, knowledge is power and you should use it for good, not evil!

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The douchebag report; my first comic

So after the initial excitement of seeing that article faded, I shrugged and moved on to practicing and obsessing over Mendelssohn. I purposely didn’t read the comments, since I knew they’d be full of angry people insisting that women aren’t equal, that rape is just punishment for bad behavior, etc. and there would probably be some personal attacks in there. Basically, the typical stuff that comes up whenever anyone stands up shouting that everyone should be treated equally and with respect.

Unfortunately some people, who I will now officially refer to as “douchebags,” have decided to chase me back to my personal Tumblr and purposely try to…I don’t know, make me angry? Waste my time? I’m really not quite sure what their points were.

(I really hate that I have to say this, but I have my suspicions: if you’re someone I actually know and you did this, that is really cowardly and I am disappointed in you. I’m not above having a mature, rational dialogue about this.)

Here’s what one douchebag posted to me through that “ask” feature:

um about the short skirts don’t rape picture. Who is more likely to be raped? A girl wearing a short skirt/dress showing cleavage or a girl who’s fully covered up? HUH? WHO? I have made my point. Of course, there’s exceptions, but if you’re out clubbing at 3am and you’re dressed like that, don’t be surprised.

(Clearly they didn’t even bother to check out the site! Sad face. I also love how they think that they can make a point by presenting a non-fact.)

Here was my response, which I’m willing to bet money they’re never going to see:

Actually, some researchers a couple of years back did an extensive survey of imprisoned rapists and found that rapists pick their victims based on how vulnerable they look, not on how they’re dressed.  

A girl who is fully covered up but looks easily overcome will be more likely to be raped than a girl showing off her legs and cleavage who looks like she can fend for herself.  

You haven’t made a point. You’re basing your conclusion on assumptions that a woman’s attire is more to blame than the sick mind that drives a rapist to commit a horrible crime.  

In addition, rape is an act of dominance and aggression, not sexual arousal. If you think men rape women simply because they’re too sexually aroused to think, you must not think very much of men.

I also saw a few reactions through Twitter to the image and all I have to say is this: the small but vehement negative reaction to Equality Within Reach‘s message only proves why I had to do this project. If all that site got was a resounding “Meh, this isn’t an issue anymore,” then there wouldn’t be a need. I’m overall pretty happy that I’ve found a way to stand up and speak out, and as long as gun-toting bigots aren’t stalking me, then I’ll take whatever backlash comes with it.

But this is me; I tend to have weird reactions to things, and I found it kind of funny, actually, that there are still people who think that a woman’s clothing can be so provocative that it overcomes a guy’s rational thinking and “forces” him to sexually assault someone. A possibly-distasteful comic was born. (I think Blogger sizes this down, you’re going to have to click on it. Sorry.)

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I’m in the news! (Canadian news!)

So…hey guys! You know that time I totally talked a reporter’s ear off? Well somehow that turned into an article about Equality Within Reach!

I’m pretty psyched that site is getting more publicity (particularly cause I’m lazy and I want to spend my energy practicing, working on that album I said was totally going to come out this summer, and reading every article on Cracked). I’m also loving (and by loving, I mean my soul is 20% sad) the situational irony that the first time I’m appearing in any sort of news, it has to do with something not related to piano in any way.

But still! My project is being covered by Canadian media, and it’s so controversial that I can’t even bear to read the stupid comments! WHOOHOO!

(Seriously though, in fifty or a hundred or two hundred years our descendants* are going to look back on these years as being very un-egalitarian and that makes me ashamed! The prevalence of racism and homophobia, as well as the insidiousness of anti-woman ideas in our society, make me very sad indeed. It’s 2012, shouldn’t we be making rocket ships to take us to our intergalactic colonies, instead of squabbling over whether people should be respected?)

Ahem. Anyway, read the article; I suppose it’s some sort of life accomplishment? Do I get to level up now?

*That is, if global warming hasn’t wiped out the human race.

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