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Smells I Dig

I realize that all my posts recently have been kind of personal/down-ish. So let’s break it up with something completely frivolous. 
Cold weather seems to emphasize just how wonderful things smell. I already go around smelling everything like a drug-sniffing dog, so I might as well just make a small list of things I’ve been sniffing recently.
1. Brigitte, by Tocca
This is my favorite perfume in the world. It was a Christmas present from Bryce two years ago (wow!) and I still can’t get over how wonderful it smells. Neither can anyone who hugs me. 
2. Nivea Creme
It just smells fresh and clean. I keep going to my dresser and opening the tin just to smell it. I’M NOT WEIRD.
3. Pond’s Cold Cream
I know a lot of people hate this because it smells “grandma-y” and very strongly of roses. I personally can’t get enough of rose smells.
4. Earl Grey Tea
I used to hate Earl Grey tea. And now I love it to bits. It’s got an unmistakable fragrance that I can’t get enough of anymore.
5. Genmai-Cha
This is green tea with roasted brown rice. The scent is unbelievably amazing when you brew it. There’s no way for me to describe it—it’s tea-y, and nutty, and rice-y, and just smells of Life Is Just Great to me.
6. Trader Joe’s Fresh Linen Scent Antibacterial Hand Soap

I bought this yesterday—I don’t know what voodoo magic Trader Joe’s uses, but this soap smells just like fresh laundry to me. I know I’m weird because I like to slow down and inhale deeply every time I go past the laundry room because I think fresh laundry is one of the best smells ever. I fully expect to open up this bottle and see a crisp white bedsheet stuffed at the bottom.

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  1. I love the trader joe’s hand soap too! I just want it as a perfume too!

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