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Today after my delicious kebap wrap Jodi and I headed to the Hotel Sacher to try the world-famous Sachertorte, which you can only get at the Sacher Hotel in Vienna and Salzburg.

You may not be surprised to learn that it took us three tries to find the right door. The second door we went through may have taken us into the back of a private party…I really don’t know. We sat down cautiously in the hotel’s cafe, which was classy and beautiful and definitely made me feel underdressed. It made me feel like I wanted to come and stay at the Sacher Hotel in the future. Maybe when I’m a famous, traveling concert pianist? Ha.

The menus, which featured blurbs about the Sachertorte’s 175-year history, were hung on a little stand. I was really excited to try the Sachertorte (it was on my Austria bucket list) especially as I’d missed my chance in Vienna.

Funny story: when the waiter came, he asked “What would you like to order?” in German. The problem was he didn’t use any vocabulary we’d learned in German so far so for a few awkward seconds we just stared blankly at him. Good thing he spoke excellent English and was very patient with us!
Anyway, the Sachertorte was delicious. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate cake as it’s usually heavy and wet and overly chocolatey but this thing was none of the above. It was served with unsweetened whipped cream which went perfectly with the cake, balancing out the dryness and sweetness. The layers of marmalade in the cake also added a lovely dimension of fruity sweetness. The covering—I hesitate to call it “frosting”—was chocolatey but not overly so. I realize I’m doing a stupidly bad job of describing it so I’ll just say it was good. If you ever, ever find yourself in Vienna or Salzburg, do not miss out on this!

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