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Another food post from Salzburg

Well I am back from my Vienna trip, tired and with a German quiz fast on the horizon. Since I have a lot of pre-Vienna photos, I might cover those and do a post-Vienna recap later. Or maybe I’ll just let things get out of chronological order. Who knows?

Wienerschnitzel, perhaps the consummate Austrian food? I didn’t find out what wienerschnitzel was until I got here; it’s breaded fried veal. Delicious drenched in lemon juice; then again everything is delicious drenched in lemon juice.

My host mom’s cooking: chicken, potatoes, and a vegetable medley. I love how fresh and flavorful all the veggies are here!
A mystery dessert I had from my host mom. It’s like a coconut macaroon on top of some kind of chocolate cream on top of some crunchy thin wafer thing and held together with chocolate. In any case, it was delicious. Does anyone know what this thing is?
Gnocci in cheese sauce!
I think this was chicken stuffed with cheese and ham. Made by my host mom and accompanied by potatoes (and curry ketchup, of course!!)
Some kind of pastry stuffed with feta, spinach, and what I think is ham. My host mom made this, it was ridiculously tasty.
I forget what kind of meat this was—pork? Chicken? Oh well. What looks like salsa is some kind of stew-y tomato sauce.
I have so many more food photos that I don’t know when I’ll ever finish blogging them all. I’m not even showing all of the food I’m eating; I try only to show the most memorable meals and desserts, and all of these are from weeks ago…

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