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A matter of Great Importance

Today I was browsing a children’s store in Salzburg, and when I was in line at the checkout I saw a container of plastic-wrapped children’s umbrellas in the shapes of ladybugs and frogs. My heart leapt when I saw the ducky umbrella. There was only one. I picked it up—it looked exactly the same as the one I used to have.

Believe it or not, I didn’t get it. I had already bought an umbrella here, having been caught in the rain, and I generally don’t make impulse buys.
However, when I think back on it, part of me thinks that it must be fate. The universe put that one ducky umbrella in my path to tell me that I HAVE TO GET IT.
Another part of me thinks that I don’t need to go around buying children’s umbrellas.
So what do you think? Should I go back and get the ducky umbrella? Or should I let it go?

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