iPhone Wallpaper

For Christmas I got an iPod Touch that I have named Franz (for Liszt and Schubert). I immediately made myself some wallpaper for Franz and, seeing as 90% of the people who I know read my blog have iPhones, I decided to share my wallpaper with you!

All my iPhone/iPod Touch wallpaper is made from my art or photos I have taken. All have my website’s URL in the corner just so my work doesn’t float around uncredited. If you want to download all the images, I put them in a handy little zip file. And if you like the artwork here, remember that the full uncropped versions are on my website.

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Photos from Home for the Holla Days!

Sadly I didn’t get to make the event myself, but Bay Area photographer Junshien Lau did!

From all accounts, the concert was a blast! There are many other stunning photos, in all their glory, at Junshien’s site, so go and have a look-see! It makes me sadder that I couldn’t make the concert, but I am so glad I got to be a part of this!

I also poked around on his site a bit and he takes the most amazing photos! I spent a few hours looking at his portfolio and just soaking in the pretty. I love beautiful photography and I really do wish I could do more with a camera than arbitrarily changing the exposure, snapping at random, and hoping for the best.

P.S. Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy your break (I know I’m definitely enjoying not having homework!), stay safe, and treasure your loved ones!

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