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Printers suck sometimes

For my Beethoven class, we had a three-hour take-home exam. I took it pretty seriously–the exam came sealed in an envelope so I couldn’t look at it beforehand, and the exam had places for me to mark the start and end times so that I could prove that I’d done it in the allotted time. (And yeah, of course it’s all on the honor system so I could have cheated and gotten away with it, but I am a person of integrity!)
So tonight I sat down, turned on my timer, and started typing furiously away. Three hours later, I had eight pages analyzing Beethoven and his pieces in depth. Whew, done and ready to print, right?
My printer had other ideas. Enter an entire half hour of my printer whining with paper jams, running out of ink, and running out of paper because of said printer jams. I spent thirty precious minutes unplugging my printer, prying it apart, tugging tiny scraps of paper out of its insides, and getting ink all over my fingers.
This was the first five minutes:

Then I threw it all away and continued trying to print my exam.

By the time I was able to coax paper out of the printer without it getting jammed inside, my floor looked like a paper war zone.

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