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  • 2023 in Books

    It’s silly but when you read a lot, it kind of becomes a part of your identity. (I know I said this exact same thing last year, but it just means I’m consistent.) I’d be meeting a new person at some social event and a mutual friend would introduce me by saying enthusiastically, “This is… Continue reading

  • Where to find me

    Where to find me

    Something about maintaining human connection on the internet feels so precarious right now; between everything becoming SEO-farmed/hashtag-optimized #content and all the various social media platforms fracturing, it’s getting really hard to just make my own little posts and look at other people’s little posts without having to wade through a morass of bots, bullies, and… Continue reading

  • 2022 in Books

    While I will always write these posts for myself, I figured no one was actually waiting on tenterhooks to see what I read last year, and that it would be no big deal if I didn’t get around to writing my 2022 reading recap for a while. Then I got a text from a friend… Continue reading