Things that give me an incredible high

1. Pouring all my emotion into playing piano, be in in the practice rooms or in front of a captivated audience.
2. Being completely inspired and creating a work of art or a design that is as good or better than the vision in my head.
3. Successfully fixing code after hours of frustration.

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Pet Turtles

A few days ago I checked out some concertos from the library to sight-read for fun.

Just now I was in my room and my mom was downstairs and she hollered, “Sharon, where are the concertos?”

I heard that as “Sharon, where are the pet turtles?”

Me: Pet turtles??
Me: WHAT PET TURTLES??? [seriously alarmed]

My ear is excellent at detecting pitch…just not normal human speech.

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What this is all about

Well I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon. It’s not so much a whim as I’ve been thinking about starting an actual blog for a while to detail the random enumerations of my day and occasionally, things I may consider funny.

That, and one of my super best friends in the whole world just started hers about dancing professionally in a world tour, and even though my own adventure may not seem so exciting, I still would like to share it with you.

And if you’re wondering about the url of this blog, I love roses, and I love doodling, and thus the odd combination of these two became doodlyroses.

Sharon: i think i will make it
Laura: hahah
Laura: i am not surprised at all
Laura: its soooo sharon


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